About IncentiaPay

IncentiaPay specialises in preeminent digital payment solutions linking SMEs and customers globally while raising exposure in a saturated market. Payments are evolving and IncentiaPay is putting SMEs ahead of the curve through its global brands, payment solutions and partnerships.

IncentiaPay was first established in 2014 as BPS Technology Limited with the purpose to help businesses successfully attract additional customers. This required increasing capabilities to deliver modern payments, trading, rewards and loyalty platforms optimised through data-driven insights and increased analytics capability. To achieve this outcome BPS acquired Bartercard in mid-2014, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in September 2014, acquired Entertainment Publications in 2016 and appointed leading technology talent. Bartercard has been established since 1991 and Entertainment since 1994 creating a combined 36,000 SMEs, 22,000 not-for-profit groups and 600,000 consumers.

In April 2018, following the appointment of a new CEO and Managing Director Iain Dunstan, BPS Technology rebranded to IncentiaPay.

The consumer landscape is quickly evolving, and IncentiaPay represents a shift in everything we do to stay ahead in a 24/7 digital market. This change encompasses new partnerships and technology to support instant transactions across our entire SME base. IncentiaPay has rebranded from BPS Technology to reflect its focus on rewards, incentives and digital payment solutions linking SMEs and customers instead of purely a technology business.

The success of IncentiaPay is ingrained in partnerships and a raft of value-adding initiatives for merchants in a global economy. We’ll continue building on new, enriching partnerships across the Asia Pacific while catering to instant and convenient customer transactions to place SMEs ahead of the curve.

IncentiaPay has cemented partnerships with Alipay, the world’s largest payment app with 520 million users which will roll out across Gruden Group and Entertainment merchants, plus Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce platform allowing Australian SMEs to break into the Chinese market.

IncentiaPay’s Vision, Mission and Values:

Our Vision

To be Asia Pacific’s leading integrated loyalty and payment solutions provider enabling merchants to attract and engage consumers across multiple platforms.

Our Mission

To deliver value to customers and SMEs in every transaction.

Our Values

Best people
People first
Successful people

Want to grow with us?

IncentiaPay is a fast growing group of companies that strategically combines rewards, deals and incentives via its transactional platforms in 9 countries - linking SMEs and customers globally.