Bartercard operates the world’s largest retail trade exchange for over 26 years

As a global company, Bartercard has expanded through company owned operations and a franchise and license model. Bartercard currently operates through 75 offices across 9 countries in Oceania, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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Bartercard enables SMEs to use Trade Dollars, not cash, to pay for the exchange of goods and services

How Bartercard works

Bartercard enables SMEs to use trade dollars, not cash, to pay for the exchange of goods and services


  1. Winery has $1,000 of excess stock
  2. Restaurant purchases wine with T$1,000
  3. Winery uses T$800 on plumbing services
  4. Plumber dines at restaurant and spends T$250

In this example the winery moves the excess stock and saves the restaurant from spending cash. The winery then utilises the trade dollars for business expenses such as plumbing services or repairs saving on cash expenses.

This demonstrates the power of trading loops in Bartercard. While one business sells a product for Bartercard trade dollars, another business is saving cash, and the loop continues…

Bartercard Members

Suzanne Johnson

“Most business owners will know how expensive it is to relocate, but Bartercard saved me $40,000 on dismantling my old salon and establishing a new premises in Hastings. I used Bartercard to offset the cash cost of the architectural plans, installing the new framework and fit out, painting, flooring, new signage, advertising, electrical work and plumbing, paying for these with trade dollars instead of cash.”

Peaches & Cream Beauty Salon

Warren Stewart

“Bartercard attracts new customers and gives our brand exposure in the cash market. One Bartercard retailer in New Zealand bought $3,000 of our product which he sells to cash paying customers. We’ve also created partnerships with businesses we’ve met through the Bartercard network who endorse our products to their clients”


Ryan Kirkham

“On average our sales have jumped by approximately $40,000 per year with Bartercard, as it attracts customers you wouldn’t have without the card.”

Bakers Delight franchisee and owner of Making Dough

Bartercard – a global trade exchange facilitating business-to-business transactions between 24,000 SME members world-wide to the value of $600 million each year.

Bartercard is a B2B Barter Trade Exchange for SMEs

Bartercard is a stable and profitable business with a longstanding network of merchants

  • The operator of the world’s largest multi-national trade exchange*, built up over 25 years
  • Key statistics:
    • $600m annual transaction value
    • 24,000 merchants and 50,000 cardholders
    • 75 offices across 8 countries
    • 500 staff
  • A stable and highly cash generative business – future revenue growth driven by new technology, rolling up domestic franchisee businesses and expanding offshore
  • Expected growth of BPS is underpinned by Bartercard’s systems, expertise, merchant base, and execution capabilities
  • FY16A revenue of $50.2m and FY16A EBITDA of $9.5m2^

* Based on transactional value and number of transactions
^ BPS financial results for FY16A

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