What is IncentiaPay's business?

IncentiaPay’s business is to provide technology platforms that drive customers to merchants. IncentiaPay achieves this through its trading, payments, deals and rewards platforms operated by its subsidiaries Entertainment Publications, Bartercard, and Gruden.

What is the IncentiaPay revenue model?

IncentiaPay has a network of 36,000 merchants, 18,000 Not-for-Profit groups and 600,000 paying consumers. Revenues are generated from monthly and transactional fees to merchants as well as sales of the Entertainment Publications to loyal consumers via the Not for Profit groups.

Is IncentiaPay profitable?

Yes, IncentiaPay made a profit after tax of $7.3 million for FY16 and $10.3 million in FY17.

How will IncentiaPay grow?

The key areas of growth identified over the next few years will be the accelerated digitisation of the Entertainment Book, expansion of the Bartercard network especially in the USA and Europe, reaping of synergies and cross-selling opportunities between Entertainment and Bartercard in Australia and New Zealand and Gruden roll-out and strategic M&A activity.

How does Entertainment Publications distribute?

Over twenty years ago Entertainment Publications established a unique distribution model with Not-for-Profit groups and organizations –  “Groups”. These Groups range from schools and sporting clubs to the largest charities in Australia and New Zealand. This model has been refined over the years and now includes over 18,000 Groups distributing almost 600,000 publications annually to their loyal supporters.

The Entertainment Publication is offered in digital or book format at the election of the purchaser. There is a growing trend towards digital. The Groups receive a significant portion of the proceeds which has been tens of millions of dollars going towards exceptional charitable services.

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