Connecting Australian and New Zealand merchants with 1.4M Chinese visitors

Alipay, the world’s largest payment app facilitating instant digital transactions, is arriving in Australia and New Zealand. IncentiaPay is working with Ant Financial, an affiliate company of the Alibaba Group, to introduce Alipay to its 36,000 merchant base.

IncentiaPay commenced the Alipay rollout to Australia and New Zealand on the 12th December (12.12) with a launch event on the Gold Coast.

There are 520 million registered Alipay users globally of which ~ 1.4 million visit Australia and New Zealand every year.

Alipay lets Chinese visitors use their preferred method of payment in their own currency when they shop at local merchants. It’s not only putting Australia and New Zealand on the global map, but the structures in place to digitise transactions for one of the most lucrative tourism markets.

Alipay in a Snapshot

Chinese consumers turn to their smartphones first to not only transact, but map out every aspect of their stay.

Alipay not only captures spending, but let Chinese visitors pre-purchase at attractions like restaurants, shopping and hotels before they even leave China.

Cash and credit cards are rarely used at points of sale in China.  Alipay removes common pain points for Chinese visitors like finding ATMs or not preloading their credit cards with enough dollars before they arrive.

The average Chinese spend per visit is $8,000.  Alipay will support this spend through customised service and seamless transactions. It provides a platform for Australian and New Zealand merchants to provide a leading customer experience.



Welcome to Australia’s first Alipay Smart City.

In partnership with Dreamworld, IncentiaPay has brought Alipay to the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is a launching pad for Alipay to the rest of Australia through our 36,000 combined merchant base.

Watch the Launch of Australia’s first Alipay Smart City at Skypoint Q1.



Get ready to Alipay

Alipay is coming to the rest of Australia and New Zealand shortly and we have every major city in the pipeline.

If you are a merchant, complete your details to register your interest in Alipay and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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China in a Box

IncentiaPay has also launched China in a Box, a business tool to support the arrival of Alipay in Australia and New Zealand and enhance the experience of Chinese customers.

Did you know that Chinese customers like to sit at round tables?  Have you considered menus in Chinese and English?  Feng shui can make or break a visitor’s stay and in retail, there are auspicious shopping dates like 12 12.

China in a Box is a website containing all the tips and expertise for merchants to strategically welcome Australia’s most lucrative tourism market through a pre-eminent customer experience –leading to more spending and repeat business.

Visit China in a Box.

We’re showing Australia’s first Alipay Smart City to the rest of the world.

See where all the action is happening.

Images of Australia’s first Alipay Smart City